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Are YOU Ready?!!


Big smile

ME:  “Are YOU ready?!”

YOU:  “Um, ready for what exactly…?”

ME:  “The holiday season +  The 5pm darkness + all of the comfort food and yummy beverages that we’ll soon be surrounded by at the holiday parties?!”

Cause it’s soon going to be that time of year when all of the ALREADY BUSY women will be inundated with even more responsibility + stressors + and the LBS slowly just kinda pack themselves on.

I KNOW this because I am one of those women…which is why I have created TWO CHALLENGE GROUPS for this season that will have you showing up to the Thanksgiving Table with a smile:::



WHAT:  This group will be a one-two punch of guided nutrition and fitness (30-min average workouts from the comfort of your own home!).

WHEN: November 1st – 30th (and yes…we’ll talk about prepping and ENJOYING/INDULGING in the Thanksgiving Holiday without totally derailing progress!  🙂 )

DETAILS:  Basically, for less than the cost of your phone bill, you can jump in and make November ROCK SOLID!  Message me for more details:

OPTION 2: “Ultimate Reset Group”

ultimate reset

AHHH!!!  This is a group that I have honestly been SOOOOOO scared to do for a very long time.  Why?  Because it’s a nutritional only group that yields serious results…no exercise is encouraged.  It’s certainly not a starvation program (um, no thanks…I like food!) but it does take a commitment level and I guess I just haven’t felt ready yet.

But I’ve 100% hit a wall personally and my body CRAVES this change…so I’m doing it + inviting you to join me!!


So this is Sarah!  Sarah is a coach on my team + mother of 2 + one of the sweetest ladies out there! She just completed the Ultimate Reset and here is what she said about it:::

“I can’t believe how great I feel! All of the digestion issues I’ve been experiencing for the past few months are gone. My chronic sinus problems have disappeared, my energy is up and I am sleeping soundly. All of the little aches & pains that I thought were just part of getting older are gone too, so obviously I was experiencing some food induced inflammation!

I haven’t had sugar, alcohol, coffee or gum for 3 weeks and surprisingly I’m not in a big hurry to re-introduce any of them!  The next few weeks will involve slowly re-introducing foods into my diet to monitor if any food sensitivities exist. I am especially curious to see if gluten & dairy were the cause of some of my tummy issues. 

This has probably been the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my health, wellness, and mindset. Down 5lbs & 4 inches – mostly from my waist and lower tummy”

WHAT:  a 21-day total body nutritional reset

WHEN: November 1st – 21st (finishing BEFORE the Thanksgiving holiday)

DETAILS:  Message me for more details:


So Cooper and I now ask “Why not try something NEW this November and join us?!”  LOL!

Hope to hear from you!!
xo – Marion

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Sundance Retreat Weekend (and what went wrong!)

good morning Sundance

When is the last time you had a getaway that made you say “I will never forget that!!”????

This amazing team is just 2.5 years old + nearly 1,000 coaches deep + and with some of THE MOST down-to-earth, amazing women at the helm! I had always dreamed of starting a tradition of an annual Leadership Retreat…and this was the year to kick it off!!

House view in Sundance
And we did it in style — in a luxury mountainside mansion in Sundance + tour of Beachbody Corporate + private sessions with some of the top company execs + private chef dinner + John Maxwell coach business/life session…and plenty of wine + laughter! 😉

Bus I drove

Yeah that’s right!  That right there is the mini-bus I drove for the 15 Diamond Coaches on my team!  LOL!  But for real…don’t second guess my driving skillz.

FUN FACT: I drove a Mark III Ford Van throughout high school.  That is the one with the fold-down bed in the back + curtains.  My daddy REALLY trusted this Catholic girl 😉  haha!

living room sundance house

mountain fireplace

FUN STORY about the house:::  So I rented a mini-mansion in Sundance a full year ago when I decided that I NEEDED to plan a retreat.  I confirmed my booking several times like any good functioning adult.  But then…we pulled into the driveway (in the impressive bus you saw above 😉 ) and there were THREE cars there!

So a few of the ladies went all A-Team and we walked through the garage not knowing what to expect (I was the pansy following them in the rear).  It was obvious that there were people staying in the house and that they had been there recently as there was the smell of pot in the air (wait…do they still call it “pot”??)

ANYWAY…I call the renter man and apparently he double booked.  Awesome.  Where’s my margarita?  Cause this is NOT the best news to this girl who has 15 women sitting in the bus waiting to get their retreat on in the driveway.

But then…we found the place we were MEANT to have!  An amazing $7 million dollar mansion in the heart of Sundance.

top beachbody team

Stay-at-home moms, business execs, teachers, rockin’ single ladies –> LOVE these ladies!

morning group workout

Morning workouts in the living room…so much fun!!

So tough

Post workout…feeling strong!

photo session

One-on-one photo sessions for everyone!

Beachbody Jeff Hill

My team had a private tour of Beachbody headquarters and then private sessions with some of the TOP leaders of the company.  Definitely a bucket list item!!

Private chef

I can’t (or shouldn’t) cook for 15 women…so I hired a private chef of course! AMAZING + such an amazing experience!

Salmon dinner

Private chef dinner: clean eating is DELICIOUS!


dinner is served



The conversations we had over dinners…unforgettable.  Women inspiring + supporting women…hard to imagine anything better!

mommy shenanigans

When us mommas get together…inappropriate humor tends to take over! LOL!!  #sogoodforthesoul

john maxwell training

This getaway wasn’t all play…we definitely had some work involved!  One of the highlights was a 90-minute workshop with a John Maxwell business/life coach!!  So good!

when you dont have a tripod

When you go for a hike and don’t have a tripod!

This is just the first retreat for my team and I can’t wait to grow this family and see how this annual event expands!! 

xo – Marion

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Date Night Style


So I saw this Rachel Comey dress on the rack and immediately stopped in my tracks.   The following dialogue instantly took place within my head:::

“That is a classy tie-dye dress.  I’m from Oregon.  It belongs in my closet.  I mean, I grew up amongst tie dye…it’s in my blood.  Yes, my blood is tie dye.”

{Rationalization at its finest people!  lol!}


Rachel Covey Dress (50% off right now!!)   |  Steve Madden Heels  (20% off right now!)  |  Kendra Scott Earrings

But guys…do you ever buy something full-price only to see it for a HUGE DISCOUNT a couple weeks later?  Well…that is the case with this dress.  So it’s now 50% off!!!  For the quality of design + fabric + comfort of this dress…such a deal!!

Okay, so maybe tie dye isn’t for anyone…but I promise it makes you more approachable.  Have you ever met a snarky hippy?  😉


xo – Marion

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