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So for realz…I haven’t done a “Moments of the Week” post in what feels like for-eva!  As I’m typing this, you should know that I’m making that one facial expression of the emoji who is smiling with ALL teeth!   You know…this one! –> 😁

Allright…so let’s go!


First day of school

“Momma…will I have friends there?”
“Momma…will my new school have a potty for me?”
“Momma…will you come back and pick me up?”
Yes. Yes. YES honey!!
Guys…this Monday I dropped Cooper off for his very first day of school.  He’s only going 3 days a week but STILL.  You can tell by his expression that he is super excited for this new chapter.  You can tell by my expression here that I am one super proud momma.


sick Cooper

I don’t know how all you busy mommas do it?!! Have YOU ever received this call?? 

Cooper made it 3 hours into his first day of school yesterday when my phone rang and I heard those words no parent wants to hear:
“He has a temperature and says he doesn’t feel well. How soon can you pick him up?”

Immediately I remembered the times I watched as my teacher friends received that same phone call while at work and then scramble to get coverage for their classroom + ask for permission to leave work + etc. As a school psychologist, I covered for MANY of them as they raced out the door feeling rushed/stressed.

So Monday was a brand new experience for me since Cooper has never been in school…and I certainly DO NOT take for granted that I was able to say to the school director “I’ll be there in 5 minutes!” and then simply close my laptop and walk out my front door.

Today we are getting in plenty of snuggle time + saying prayers of gratitude + and my boss (a.k.a. Me) says I can take all the time I want until he feels better.   So grateful…



I think it’s WAAAAAYYY to easy to look through my posts and assume that I have my shiz together 24/7. So for any of you who have ever though things like:::
“She never misses a workout”
“Cooper probably never says the word ‘No’ ”
“I bet her place is always clean”

This MOMENT is for you! 🙂 LOL!!

–> As I am typing this, Cooper is sitting in the middle of approximately 1.47 million Legos spread ALLLL over the floor of my living room. He pauses his play occasionally to shout things like “GOOOO Super Cooper!” and “Momma I farted!” 🙄

–> I did NOT shower after my workout this morning and rocked this “active wear” look all day. And yes, I do not smell awesome.

–> I literally think there is no toilet paper in our house. I swear someone comes into my home when I leave and helps themselves. Only logical explanation.

–> Cooper is still sick as you know if you follow me on Facebook or Snapchatso we have a few drug store things in the refrigerator. And guys…I learned last night that Pedialyte and Grey Goose go INCREDIBLY well together! ‪#‎noshameinmymixinggame‬

–> Lastly, two huge temper tantrums today from my little patient (for those of you familiar with school restraint holds, I literally wanted to break out my dusty CPI skillz at one point! LOL!) But don’t worry…we hugged it out.

So needless to say, things around here are…well…NORMAL!!
WE ALL have days that turn sideways +
children or fur babies with minds of their own +
and expectations that often exceed our best efforts…

I think that is called “life.”

All we can do is keep showing up with a smile and continuously raising our own bar.  Right?

Thank you so much for reading!!  Hope you have the best weekend ahead!
xo – Marion

08/19/16 · 1 Comment

Three Things Thursday: 3 Top Pet Peeves

Do YOU have any pet peeves?

Cause guys…as much as I enjoy talking about things I love (dogs, Oregon Pinot, Cooper, Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale…), I must acknowledge that I experience this bizarre sense of JOY when discussing the things that irk me!  It’s like free + socially acceptable therapy!

So as you can see, I filmed this episode immediately after moving to Denver!

And yes…I did check my teeth in the camera. No one ever tells me when I have stuff in them…which I just realized is ANOTHER pet peeve! haha!!

What is one pet peeve that YOU have??  Comment below!

xo – Marion

08/18/16 · 5 Comments

Three Things Thursday: Top 3 Healthy Eating Tips

I actually filmed this episode of “Three Things” JUST before moving from Portland to Denver!!  Ahhh…I SOOOO miss that view!!

So in this episode, I share my TOP 3 healthy eating tips that are EASY and can easily be incorporated into your life right NOW! 🙂   I go into a lot more detail in my challenge groups, but I feel these 3 tips are small tweaks that make a HUGE difference over time!

I hope you find these 3 tips helpful!!  Let me know if they are (comment below!) and maybe I’ll share more tips in a future episode!

xo – Marion

08/11/16 · 1 Comment
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